Rory Allardice is an environmentalist with more than 30 years experience in biodiversity management across South Africa and its many biomes. He is passionate about his profession and remains up to date with modern techniques and best practice. He lives in a small coastal village close to Agulhas and Struisbaai at the southern-most tip of Africa, in the Overberg.

Rory says,
"My mission is to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable systems which will in turn ensure the well-being of mankind."

Rory believes that each species and system has an intrinsic value and right to survive. But this can only be ensured if mankind accepts that he is part of a natural system which he destroys at his own peril. That means it is not the sole purpose of the natural environment to cater for the selfish needs of mankind. Rory has spent his entire career promoting this.

Rory now works as an environmental consultant. His has built up experience in:

- Natural systems management
- Conservation integrity
- Adult training and assessing
- Project planning & management
- Project leadership
- Biodiversity business management
- Professional mentoring
- Game capture
- Workshop facilitation & chairmanship

Rory has remained current and up to date in all these facets: advising in, planning for and managing natural landscapes.
Rory has been working as project leader for a German Government funded project aimed at adapting the Cape wetlands to the effects of climate change since 2009. This project, called the Nuwejaars Wetland Special Management Area, focused on five aspects of adaptation, namely alien vegetation control, fire management, wetland rehabilitation, game introduction and tourism. The project was innovative and exciting, resulting in the completion of 120km of game-proof fencing and the introduction of buffalo and hippo to the Agulhas Plain (a first in many centuries), in the Overberg region of South Africa.

Rory's other experience includes:

- Project coordinator (Lomako-Yokokala Faunal Reserve, the Democratic Republic of the Congo)
- Founder, Executive Director (Lower Breede River Conservancy)
- Buchu Bushcamp founder and manager
- Area Chairman: Round Table (South Cape)
- Councillor: Overberg District Council,
- Chairman: Heuningberg Nature Reserve Advisory Committee
- Chairman: Overberg Integrated Conservation Group
- Chairman: Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative Oversight Committee
- Chairman: Game Ranger's Association of Africa (Cape Province)
- Project Leader: Protection of Wetlands in the Cape Floristic Kingdom
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"My mission is to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable systems which will in turn ensure the
well-being of mankind."

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